Meet the Staff

WetzlJoby Wetzle

Joby, Chef Mike Davis’s sous chef and second-in-command in the kitchen at Terra, has been with the restaurant for many years now. Joby has a keen interest in all things pork and curing meats. He also plays a big role in what goes on the Butcher’s Plate each evening. When he’s not in the kitchen at Terra, you can find him with Speedy, his pet tortoise.



IMG_7596James Alford

James, Terra’s general manager, is a Columbia food-and-beverage scene veteran and joined Terra in 2015. James is responsible for managing the front-of-house staff during service, handling reservations for diners and the restaurant’s private dining room as well as managing Terra’s beverage inventory and more. Have a question related to anything at all at Terra? James will have the answer.



Andy Haddock

Andy, Terra’s mixologist at the helm of the restaurant’s bar, where his seasonal, carefully created cocktails, from the classic to the completely original mirror Terra’s seasonal approach to dining. In November 2011, Andy won the American Harvest Bartender Challenge.